So on January 1st my dad bought the iPhone 4 but he actually bought it and put it on virgin mobile.the only reason why we put it on there is because the guy told us it works well where we live. Well it doesn't.

At first the transaction didn't even go through and then I couldn't get service anywhere in my town only in Jamestown and I am never in Jamestown. We went back to complain and they told use that we should wait until the thirty days are up and come back to change it so past the thirty days we came back today and since it is past thirty days and a virgin mobile iPhone we couldn't change it to a better plan without paying for a whole new iPhone.

Lesson learned RadioShack is terrible and don't tell the whole truth.

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If you bought an iPhone on a prepaid company - you got exactly what you paid for.

End of story.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #611494

Store in toledo on alexis rd and lewis ave

. Employee rude.

Swore at customer. Needs to be fired


30 days is the return policy, they did that unfortunately to not lose a profit, you should have taken it to the manager. This is bs because it is the employees wrong doing yes, but they could have returned the phone full profit (not the minutes however).

And gotten you a phone that worked in the area.

And yes, it is a 600 plus dollar profit for the store, but do what is right and fulfill the needs of the customer. I used to manage a store and I seen some sheisty things, but they pulled one on you and I'm sorry.

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