They will more than likely match something that is 50 cents difference, but man when its like $80, they will feed you some BS like --Oh that is a special ad that we cannot verify at this time.....or----Never heard of that store, OH YEAH, its Wal-Mart, you jackball. Waited in line for an hour far a price match, then they feed me , Your corporate phone lines are busy and I can't verify anything.

Verify me walking out the door and putting this all over the net.

Go somewhere else.

Bunch of geeks!! I cannot believe I waited to get turned down,

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #727536

So why didn't you buy it at the store with the lower price, again? There is no store that will price match if the item is sold out at the store you're trying to match.

Meaning Local. Meaning you have the ad in your hand, with the local phone number of the company selling it, and they have to have one in stock.

Also, $100 lost?

How?! You didn't even buy anything!


Can not get Radio Shack to sent me coupon after calling and emailing. Went back to store to look up transaction from black friday.

They said their regional manger would email it to me later in day Friday. It never happened!


You're supposed to have the ad. In your hand.

In the store.

And if you did this on the day you posted this, Black Friday, price match was suspended that day and on Saturday -- which *should* be common sense.

And since you were the one that was a big enough *** to wait in line for whatever useless product you wanted, it seems you're just as big a "geek" as any RS employee.

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