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Not only was I told about the $100. deductible, but they also said that my phone couldn't be replaced because they no longer have that phone available.

I was told that, if the same phone was unavailable, I would be given the upgraded phone closest to the one I have. They did not honor this. And, to top that off, they've been taking the $6.99 out every month, but now that I'm trying to file a claim, they can't find any knowledge of me in their system, using my name, address, phone numbers, etc.

How can they be taking the money out of my account and not be able to find ME in THEIR system. They sure CAN find me when it comes to taking out the monthly fee!

Monetary Loss: $147.

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Burlington, Massachusetts, United States #810949

You answered your own complaint. The key word is "if" meaning if they had phone in stock.

The deductible is only going to other wise guarantee a gift card in the full amount of the phone.

It is possible name could have been misspelled.

How'd you pay? If by credit card its simple to view.

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