i stopped by the radio shack (corner of 103rd st. and Blanding Blvd. to see if I could get a simple cable to connect an I phone to my trucks stereo. first time custemor in the store. I had a young pleasant representative greet me to the store. to shorten the story my store help showed me a few things in the store. I spent $99. and change there before I left the store. one of the items I bought ( a light blue box which is a wireless Bluetooth speaker) It was stated that the item I bought was too late to bring it back. I explained to the employee that " yes I bought it and listened to news from my phone on it twice for approximately an hour each time. then I went to use it again and less then 10 minutes of use it would start giving a steady cadence of noise, beeps, with the little blue light blinking. it wasn't weak of charge but would not workfor the purpose it was made for. I admit fault that I didn't get the lil box back to the store in the stores warranty period. I didn't pay any attention to what that time period was because I assumed it was a quality product from a long time recognized electronic chain. thinking it to be un reasonable to be told I could not exchange it for one that would maybe work. I asked the employee if I could at least talk to and reason with the manager"Tony". So I left the item with box it came in and receipt at the store. Tony himself called me and left a msg on my phone that if I hadn't picked it up by the 17th of this month (Oct) . the stores Policy was that they could throw it away. this was the msg I got. ( I'm thinking Tony is somewhat of a punk and it must not matter a whole lot of who is a manager at the R. Shack. this is why I write out this complaint to you. My first time in radio Shack., a very good employee for that store., showed me around the store and was answering all my Questions , even come out to my vehicle and showed me how to use the thing I originally went in there that day for. all the other items I purchased that day has worked great.. still working.. I just felt like this was bad business. Bad customer service, which kills that once good relation to do further business for that store., Not to mention how that customer would most likely offer negative advise to everyone he knew from then on about his experience. maybe Tony could of said Hey Mr. Wallace, my employer has a rule about anyone trying to get compensation any time that's after that date on the Receipt , but I'll at least talk to my supervisor and tell him of this peticulor situation and if the powers at Be said no way, tell him to pick it back up by the 17th or we will be thrashing it. just Dosnt seem right to me. I will not be going back ever in that store to pick up the thing that I brought in that was defective. you know, maybe a good manager for the store would say well , What exactly did it do, did you do it this way, let me check it out , maybe it's something that I was missing that is causing what happened. I know that's just me. this store by the way is in a very busy intersection and a lot of time it's actually a little difficult to pull up in there, I pass it 7 or 8 times a week. If I owned that business, I would want to be told of any situation I wasn't aware of that completely turns off a probable lifetime custemor. THANKYOU for listening to me. To who ever receives this letter., Could you please inform me that some one did read this. Thank You W. A. Wallace 904 813 43033am 13 oct, 2014 wawa3@bellsouth.net

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