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on my previous visit to the summit ave .Greensboro,nc radioshack store the manager of that particular store was very short answered and seem very impatient with my line of questioning towards the phone and its manufacturer warranty i was very concerned with this manager gave me a feeling of what i wanted to know was not really his concern and kept putting me off to take care of other people that came in the store after me after he done it for the second time both of the clerks came and assisted me with my purchase which i send Thanks! i will be looking forward to hearing from your office in this matter at your earliest convenience.

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Ok, used to be a manager- he/she may have had a bad day, we all get them, no real excuse. maybe got some grief from above...

anyway... tho no longer in the game can still be helpful

what is the issue exactly?


You are not the center of the universe, if he spent hours answering your questions he has no time to help the other customers and they would complain about that, have a parent explain to you how the phone works, they have all the time in the world.

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