Bought a cellphone from RadioShack which took 48 hours to activate.Drove multiple times to RadioShack who could not get it to work.

The employees were as confused as I was. All my incoming data was lost as were two days without a cellphone to use. Only offered a $20 coupon for a FUTURE purchase which is unacceptable. Contacted Texas district manager David Brod who took a long time to respond, and regional manager Michael Montes who was extremely rude.

I reminded Mr. Montes the cost of my time and gasoline, and he refused to offer me any other compensation besides a coupon. I gave RadioShack the opportunity to make things right, and then they would not even allow me to return the phone. Why would I allow RadioShack to profit off of my loss ?

I am self-employed and still have no idea if I had job cancellations and/or more work offered. Mr. Montes was so unprofessional and why would I want to buy additional products from RadioShack with a “coupon” where they would profit even more from yet another purchase? When a customer buys a product from a merchant and the product fails to perform within 48 hours, the merchant is responsible NOT the customer.

A customer should not be asked to drive back and forth from a store using their time and gas in order to get a product from said merchant to operate. As a regional manager of such a huge corporation, Mr. Montes’ attitude was not even close to being professional. What happened to customer satisfaction?

Would you think a COUPON (which would basically only cover the tax of the cellphone I purchased) is acceptable ??

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Don't let that loser RM, as you would have to be a loser to be an RM at Radio Shack get to you.Rudeness, arrogance, and narcissistic behavior pretty much makes up most DMs and all RMs at Radio Shack.

But hey, Michael Montes this is why your antiquated company is going out of business.

Seems Mr Montes better start looking for a job!

Nampa, Idaho, United States #674173

NEVER put a business line on Virgin Mobile. It's worth the extra dollars to get AT&T or Verizon and sign a two year contract. Boost, Virgin, Tracfone, Cricket, they're all cheaper, but there's a reason...


This is a virgin mobile issue.Not a radio shack.

I understand the misfortune by putting you out... causing inconvenience, money, work, etc.

The only other thing I could possibly think of is manufacture issue.

Which is easy phone swap.

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