I brought my phone into Radio Shack so they would contact Sprint about an apparent ***. Instead of their employee doing her job and call Sprint, she refused to call but rather began to be judgmental and criticize me for having downloaded material that was awful.

When I actually didn't do anything wrong at all because there were phones being hacked. This Radio Shack employee was so irresponsible to not do her job and contact Sprint like I asked her for then she would've found out that phones were being hacked and she should know better not to pass judgment on people before even knowing the facts.

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Maybe keep your *** off your phone. Smart phones are very difficult to remote ***.

What this means is you ARE a *** because you DID put awful stuff on your phone. The only way you would be hacked is if someone had your phone in their hands and downloaded a surveillance program.

Unless you personally witnessed someone downloading a program on your phone then you got a virus from one of the *** sites while getting your freak on. No big deal, but not the stores fault you have *** issues.


You brought your phone to a Radio Shack to call Sprint? What???

Why didn't you deal with Sprint directly at one of their corporate phones or over the phone? Did you buy the phone at RS? How long ago was it? If it's passed the 30 days, did you get an insurance with Sprint?

I never understand the logic of some customers to demand this type of service without doing ANYTHING on their end. This isn't about customer service, it's something much more beyond that: lazyness and expecting EVERYTHING to be solved through the store. When an emplyee can't overstep their bounds, customers call foul to bad customer service because they didn't get what they wanted. Seen your types dime a dozen.

More to the point.

Let's assume for a moment that your phones were hacked. So what? Nothing the store can do about it, unfortunately.

You escalated the situation in to absurdity by thinking it wasn't your fault for being hacked. The employee has no way of knowing that other than taking your word, and yet, somehow the gesture isn't reciprocated when they can't help you by taking his or her words on what Radio Shack can or can't do when contacting carriers. Radio Shack's 4HELP line only deals with credit checks and activations, not hacked phones.

Bad employee, bad customer service, *** customer. Horrible combo.

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