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It's a no service customer service organization everyone Now on Facebook and all the social media organizations they went bankrupt and they deserve to be bankrupt and never go back in business again you cannot get anyone from corporate to listen to your complaints when they have incompetent owners using their name all I can do at this point is complain to the Better Business Bureau because no one at corporate will answer my calls however I did get an email from them saying that I was next to a Bluetick Coonhound so I guess anyone that has a complaint is a dog

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Not a RadioShack issue as there are no REAL RadioShacks left. Only a handful of core stores and like 400 franchises.

So you’re issue is with a franchise which only rents the name. Which makes them privately owned and not actually under RadioShacks direct control. It’s a shame we lost RadioShacks as not only a company but as an American icon that facilitated tech growth in a time of tech ignorance. They brought us the cellphone, the home computer, and about a million different science projects that helped.

An almost 100 year old company destroyed by Americans and the BS retail games they play. RIP RadioShack you will be missed. FYI: the Internet makes them your English teacher. American internet is in English is it not?

Isn’t english the current language of business internationally? So yeah, proper punctuation and such goes a long way.


Well, I'm pretty sure they gave up reading after line one realizing this was a giant run on sentence... talk about incompetence. Yikes.

to ccote60 #1521277

So who you made you my English teacher why don't you put all the punctuations in the correct Place grade my paper send it back to me and give me a grade

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