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Update by user May 01, 2013

Comments that are ignorant will not recieve my time by any means. I want argue back and forth over rather a consumer deserves good customer service.

Please do not waste your time responding, this is water under the bridge.

Radio Shack does not miss my business and we do not miss Radio Shack. This post again for the illiterate is not about soley coupons but customer service.

Update by user Apr 27, 2013

Let me make this really clear. I did not wait until April.

It drug out until April. I called in January when I did not get them......I was told their system was down and some BS excuse to just wait. The email was never sent to the business email and all spam is checked before deleted was never recieved. For people reading this I would like to make that clear.

I called for months until finally told I will not get them. There is no where on the reciept to redeem our coupons, thats not true.

No worries the shack is no longer a place that we go. Water under the bridge!

Original review posted by user Apr 09, 2013

Wen't into the radio shack off off old spanish trail in houstonTx. and purchased a galaxy Sll and was supose to get a coupon sent to my companies email of $40.00 which was a $10.00 for every $50.00 spent.

Instead it dragged into April and they finally said that promotion was over. I email district and they said the same thing. What they don't know is how much eletronics our company buy a year........about $20grand worth on a slow year. Guess what?

The shack will no longer have our business and Best Buy is where we will be going for now on.. no mater the price difference.

Shack really missed out on huge oppuntunities because we are doing nothing but growing and they are cutting their employees hours...probly why customer service sucks so bad. BTW the phone was bought for a girl who father was in ICU in the hospital as a feel better present from the comapany.

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Everyone stay calm. Its not the end of Radio Shack.

You can shop there if you like. Your really defending them very hard. I get it your all great fans of the Shack. Thats fine.

I just shared my breath. :zzz Astonishes me how people can get this worked up about my post but not the fact that people are straving and dying of curable disease....that we can do something about. I need this envirement in my charity. WOW!

Really. I got all the guys in the shop reading and my golly. Some is impressive other's is a bit offensive and most I tell you is just plain mean. Look here I the person who experienced this at Radio Shack here by agree with alot of what your saying because I know it will make you happy....because I am passive and when I do get pissed I go the distance.

You can't tell me nothing but you better respect me when i'm in my limbo. I honestly enjoy being really nice and I agree that it is the reason it has run through so long. I did not b!9# and moan in the start but only when I was told that it was nothing that could be done. I even held my tongue without getting the manager when I felt the guy was being rude.

I should have. So all of you on here young and old please do not think I don't know there was alternative ways I could have gone about this. You got my big boys in the shop saying "I respect you Little Mama and laughing around" (thats what they call me.) I'm smaller but I usually give good advise...when I'm not upset. (That advise would probly be like go mess your self) ofcourse.

So Middle man, young lady, Ryan, and everyone else you've made your point and you got my big boys all feeling good. They not used to people using that dialect with me. Ofcourse you'll probly love me if you knew me on a personal level. I'm sure you would.

Being mellow is not a bad thing. No body want's to work in a envirement that their constantly getting yelled as by the short lady :D (thats me) Always remember you should always respect a person right off the back. Give respect so that respect can be given. I'll tell my big boys to leave this site be.

It upsets them when anyone disrespect me becuase I am considered "overly nice". I respect all and give back as much as I can.

Ya'll gone ahead and have yourselves a beautiful time. You'll be great lawyers and politicians at this rate.

to Spring***e #645546

Thanks for your kind word little lady. 8) :)

to Anonymous Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, United States #645553

What are you trying to prove June? You're guys respect you. Congrats. As they should. As we said you don't get our respect because you came at every one of us in condescending tones. We did nothing but respect you until you became disrespectful. Our point has been proven.

As yours has too since you apparently feel like you need to justify every step or word said.

Radio shack isn't going away - correct. But our points aren't that. You read past everything and attacked anonymous completely.

How do you know someone isn't a lawyer. Maybe she is? Feeling cornered? Your actions show just that

to Ryan #645637

My Little Lady never attacked anyone. She told me to leave it alone after she posted that last comment given all you people some credit.

Who ever anonymous don't need you to stick for her. I can tell your young or maybe slow becuase the lawyer thing was a complement. She has lawyers and dam^ good ones. Its called freedom of speech buddy and it aint against the law so if you were saying she's afraid of her review you should go back to school and maybe learn something.

Go back and read these comments from the beggining cause the whole dam^ shop know that someone responded very disrespectfully and she responded with (.....) I thought that was very generous of her considering being called a ***, b***** and everything else. Then was called a coward for not cursing the person out and arguing back. You man are a piece of sh** and unlike her I aint sorry for calling you what you smell like. So keep your broke back mountain comments to yourself and stop trying to take up for anonymous thinking you might get a little close for agreeing.

*** of the earth you disrespectful guys out there. You talk to her like that can't imagine how you talk to the woman in your life. All else comments comment to me because I can care less about your feelings like her. Or maybe come to Texas and let me hear ya talking to any of our beautiful woman like that.

Now I'm a firm believer of southern hospitality but a even bigger enforcer. I've been to Radio Shack and was never treated that way. I heard her conversations first hand. I read the email she sent and their responses.

I'm far from a *** and I can tell you that she is not lying. She did not get what she was suppose to and was very respectful in telling them her situations. She I and the whole dam^ shop will no longer use them. She better then me but then again I get respect or I take.

Your choice. You people need to do your homework on this company that in 2007 during the recession laid its employees off by email instead of in person. Who previos CEO got caught lying on his resume so he resigned. Wander if they varifying their regular employees resume these days?

You radio heads are worse then the bieber heads when it comes to defense. But their little girls so being put with them is not fair to them. What im saying BOY is that you got big words on this keyboard seems to be using your board as vest. May be a punk outside of this and get a rush behind that screen.

See threw tooth pics like you. Keep that in mind.

to Ryan Houston, Texas, United States #645816

Big Man thank you but no thank you:) Please don't allow yourself to stoop that low. Your rocking your PHD in manufactoring and I would definetly not want you to get illiterate reading these post and responding to sapiens.

Jersey pride your absolutely correct never felt more like a child when posting responding etc on here. I am too grown for this.

I said what I had to say and mean it. I'm going to spam this, stop recieving notifications and the kids can talk it up all they want.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #645640

No Thank You for taking that as it was. She really do try to make us happy here. Best person to work with and around.

to Big Man #645731

By you fighting her battles because she obviously cannot defend her opinions loses anyone's respect. I don't care what you have to say or call me nor care how your relationship with her is...

On the other hand you seem like the *** because you have your facts incorrect. Do you believe everything you read? Any thing posted or written is completely opinion based.

to Big Man Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, United States #645739

You should have never commented to begin with. Big man up north mean small parts aka p@$$!

I'm done fighting with ignorance. Good luck

to Spring***e #645735

You all need to grow up and get over yourselves June, spring, anonymous, ryan etc.

Houston, Texas, United States #645187

You must not have read my post. The phone was not for me.

The phone was a gift for a gril with a sick father in the hospital. We also paid her bill for a while. So no I did not take her phone. I keep saying it was not about the coupons.

Those coupons did not make or break me ny any means.

Its about customer service and honoring promotions. It cost more to *** work to go to radio shack then it cost for the phone plus the coupons so the coupons again is not the just of it.


I apologize for your troubles. THe promotion was for the holiday season, and the shack actually extended this promotion last minute. And like any and all coupons have an expiration date. In the beginning of your transaction you were asked for your email. In which the coupon was sent to. Employees are to and most do follow up with letting the customer know that they, the customer should also check their junk/spam folder. Now, it is a possibility on the employees account that the email may have been entered improperly. But there is virtually no way of checking on the accuracy of the above statement. You said you called the district? District management cannot do anything. This has to be taken higher on to the corperate level.

Understanding your frustration, however, this has nothing to do with employee layoffs, and is quite an ignorant statement to make. The validity of your statements are false and/or completely inaccurate simply out of pure frustration. Again, is understanable but why waste your time on a website, rather go to corperate and complain to them... then you get deturred about the fact anyone with anyone with common sense has the audacity to comment. Therefore, what you consider as water under the bridge is simply because you went to the incorrect sources as you stated and the company did not cater to you. You are correct that the company probably does not miss your business and vice versea. One thing, however... the company is not going in shambles due to ignorant customers like yourself sir or madam--And what you hear on news media is opinion based, therefore completely biased. YOu can take your business to best buy, but you have an issue with customer service now... you apparently haven't a clue how customers are to be treated... all over coupons...

Best of luck to you and your company.

to Anonymous #645071

To say what I have said is not true you are not telling the truth yourself. I never said they were laying off anyone I said they were cutting their hours.

Which is true. Our company hired a young man from Radio Shack. He quit there specifically to work with us because the shack was cutting hours across the board and having their employees work in different locations by day or week. TRUTH.

Their employees were complaining at the brach I met a former employee at. I can usually look at someone and tell when they are sad and he was VERY. They were cutting his hours and he needed to pay rent. I offered him a job for 10hr verses 8hr.

I'm not a bad person that is out to get the Shack, I am someone that had a bad experience at one of their ruffer branches and has terminated my house and companies business due to the circumstances. I've honestly had things that broke within a week that I bought from Radio Shack so the decision to let them go I can assure you is not only about coupons. I had a warranty and they would not replace it because they were discontining the cord. (I let that slide) I've bought a GPS with no warranty and it broke (never dropped/just stopped working) Very next thing I purchased was that cell phone and should have went with my first mind.

I wish Radio Shack nothing but the best. Seems like your losing some sleep, if you work for them and got into any trouble then I can assure you that it was not my intent to harm anyone. I was using this website to express myself about Radio Shack and I do not apologize. I can tell you started off fair and got a bit angry toward then end.

Hey I'm really not a bad person. I do alot of good I can promise you that. I have nothing negative to say about being called Bchy, a whiner, ignrant, unwanted and everything else.

If those things came from a Radio Shack employee.... I rest my case.

to Spring***e #645100

You have no truth to be found in your statement what so ever. I was nothing but kind, and am just a realist. As far as equipment, it has nothing to do with radio shack. You can get equipment, gps, cords, cell phones at any retailer and still have the same issues. Can you not? I've bought equipment from best buy and ATT stores and have had many issues. If it stops working, its one of two things... user error or manufacturer glitch - HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH RETAILER. And that, my friend, is TRUTH.

The reason an employee gets cut from his or her hours is due to they are getting fired. THey are not performing up to expectations of the company. So what managers do is that they cut hours to pretty much force someone to leave on their own accord.

Did you offer them 10$ and hour verses 8 dollar, or 10 hours verses 8 hours?

If an employee is not making more than $8 / hours, again, he or she is not selling. Plain and simple. KNow your facts before you rant about something you do not know.

Your case, therefore is invalid.

I am not an employee but I will point out a snarky remarked liar when I see one. you have no factual basis on any of your statements. Can you honestly justify any of your claims.

to Anonymous #645132

There is nothing real about cutting someone's hours to make them leave. That in its self is very ignorant and as a employer is something I know should never be said.

A real company would just let them go if they are not meeting the company standards. That is the professional thing to do. Any person or company that would try and get their employees to leave is SORRY. You pay into unemployment tax's every time you do pay role and that is to be used for times when work is slow.

It is absolutley not the employees fault when work slows down. To cut their hours to make them leave is only done in most cases so the business do not have to pay unemployment. I'm in the business world every day, I know how it works. Please do not try and school me on hourly wages, sells and cutting hours.

If you wanted to make your case a real person would have said maybe they cut hours so they do not have to fire anyone. That is possible and is justified and agreed apon by most employees. Look I can tell you enjoy this and that is the only reason I am responding. I enjoy a good debate every now and then.

You seemed like you were making a pretty good case before you mentioned the whole cutting hours to make employees leave. (If that was done to you how would you feel?) As for products, I've went to Walmart and bought a camera and it broke. It was a name brand. They happily returned it.

They knew their products break and they ownered the sell. (that is exactly what they called it) I did not have a store warranty. If Walmart can do it then anybody can. When a company sell's a product we do not say well it is the brands fault.

We have the contract with the different brands and it is our job to make sure we are selling and recieving the best. I'm sure Radio Shack would not argue with that. You buy from China you better be ready for alot of returns. You buy it for a 1 buck from china and charge 150 bucks and then refuse to return or exchange it.....

how is that right? All our products are American made and we swear by them. A buyer tell's us that they are not satified, you bet your bottom we will replace or fully refund their purchase price. No questions asked.

I can assure you our company has not one complaint or unhappy customer....If there was ever a unhappy customer I would gladly kiss their @$$ if that would make them happy. If they say someone was rude I would look into it and if its true that person would be terminated.

They make and break us both large and small. Oders from $100 to $100,000.....You know what you made me re-think somethings I have to make a huge decision on....thanks....I'll be darn.

to Anonymous #645155

I'm not disagreeing that it is wrong or right. Did I say that?

No. You're making assumptions. But they are getting cut not because business is slow but because they cannot sell. Period.

Im not sure where you are getting your information or if its just because you're unhappy- fine. However there is no debate here. You even contradict yourself saying you will not purchase Chinese made product- hate to inform you but best buy is Chinese. So by saying your leaving radio shack because of coupon situation not even a return (you are getting way off track) is complete bs statement.

Walmart is Chinese product too- but there return policy is pretty much non existent hence why you could return. But doesn't wal mart have tons of fraud as well?

As an owner of a business who apparently is also selling electronics why are you purchasing things from competitors? Your story doesn't add up.

Again no debate. SORRY. The only thing you should rethink is your false accusations. What you're really *** about.

I highly doubt you've had complaints, every one who is a buyer of any sort has a complaint--- you are an example. It's part of the biz. You have lovers and haters. The only thing you should think about is what you're actually complaining about and know that someone is going to challenge you.

I'm sure you get challenged on your product and the warranty. You are responding because I'm right you are WRONG. And it's been proven several times. I just educated you on how the coupon thing worked- your original complaint.

And that was the coupon for every fifty you get ten dollars back. Everything else you said was built up frustration. I get it. But as said stick to your complaint and that is the coupon nothing else.

You seem mediocre educated. I assume you'd understand this...

to Anonymous #645157

Did you rerun phone before you tried to get coupons or after?

If it was before and within 30 days it voids out your coupons.

to Anonymous #645183

WOW! where are you getting your information from?

Never said I sell electronics. Never said that I will never purchase chinese made products. Sadly it is hard not to. I said I will not sell chinese of any cheap products.

For your information we purchase electronics, clothes, food, cars and personal items for our charity every year faithfully. We spend alot on electronics because that is what is on most adults and childrens list....Radio Shack is not our competition. We do not sell electronics and has never been questioned nor had a complaint about our products. If they don't work we could face felony charges so we take our business and customers seriously.

My complaint was about customer service and bad business. Like I said in my original message it is about not honoring your deals. I'm not trying to convince you and I'm sure your trying to convince me, But not recieving what was promised then having to deal with a bunch of ghetto employees is not my ideal of a great consumer experience. Their products arent that great, they don't honor their deals and some of their employees are unprofessional.

I am no longer using them that is all I am saying. We have the right to spend money any where we want for what ever reason we want rather you or any one else agree's or not. You refer to me as a "snarky remarked liar", Repeat it to yourself a few times and let me know how that make's you sound....Funny to the point of amusment? OR MAYBE Educated?

When and if you ever get your own business in America you will see why someone like me is bothered by companies with no self respect for consumers or employees. Until then you will never understand and I rationally do not expect you to. Maybe you'll realize name calling only happens when your fustrated yourself. You've sure dished out a few names.

For the people that know me refer to me as, friendly, loving, passionate, a friend, respectful, honest, and most importantly kind. If your not calling me either of those things then you can keep it to yourself because that is who I am. BTW we have been in business for years and have a 100 percent satisfaction rating through the companies we do business with.

You called me mediocre but I maintain a A++ rating by the BBB and there is nothing moderate about me and what I do. Everything is at a close tolerance and accurate...perfection.

to Anonymous #645196

I'm anonymous.

And two... Never did I name call you. But you are ignorant and that is the truth.

My apologies, you're a charity. Therefore customer complains, well they are *** out of luck.

Apparently you know more about me then myself. well did you know that I actually am the owner of my own company. Thanks for the condescending remarks. Appreciated. And with that being said yes if a customer has an issue problem gets resolved. However with major retailers like radio shack, what I'm telling you and what you apparently don't understand is they can only honor to a certain point or do so much. Now could they have slipped a gift card to your residence if you were unhappy. Of course. But your problem is and you stated this yourself you said you went to district. All that will do is a trickled sudo chat about a situation. Not just here but any retailer. As mentioned you needed to bring it to corporate for complete service. You probably still can. In my own experience I've had similar issues with the company, complained and was helped out.

Look, im not arguing for the sake of arguing im just proving to you that complaining on public forum isnt resolving your issue. therefore, The only thing that is frustrating is people like you who are condescending know it alls who rant and rave to prove what? absolutely mothing. You're what 174 out of millions of people with a bad experience. That is your opinion but honestly what satisfaction are you honestly achieving. Yet you don't want to argue with ignorant individuals, such as yourself... But maybe you should take your own advice and you too should look in the mirror.

to Anonymous #645204

Ignorant is not knowing. I know that I did no recieve what I was suppose to.

I know that the employees were rude. I email corperate and they got the district of my state to email me. I want you to try and get a hold of corperate on the "phone"..... good luck.

I contacted both phone and email what was avaliable and corperate was one. I can assure you I am far from ignorant and the only ignorant one is you considering your on the outside looking in. I am not a charity we do charity out of the goodness of our hearts and we don't write it off on our tax's. We take our har earned money and bonuses and put it towards our cause.

Instead of a bonus we prefer to make people smile. If you have a business boy your pretty cut throat and I would hate to work for you. You might cut my hours(sarcasm). They did nothing and alot of the phone Reps could not even speak english very well.

All in all your getting my point. Yes they could have offered something as small as a one percent discount and I would ofcourse not used it but I would have seen they cared enough to offer. Maybe were on the same track but headed a different way. Maybe you misunderstood the purpose of me even responding and posting to this site.

This site is for people to share their experiences. That is what I am doing.

Along with the thousands of other complaints about Radio Shack. I hope people who actually experienced poor customer service and products understand where I'm comming from becuase you don't.


I'm sure they really, really, really, really miss a customer like you. You know, someone who throws an epic b*tch fit on the Internet over *coupons* -- I can only imagine how you act in a store.

That was the worst promotion EVER. All it did was give ignorant, whinebags like you another excuse to whine.

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