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Went to radio shack in rochester NH looking for a magnavox vcr w/tuner.....did not have at that location but called nashua ( about an hour from me )......gave the idiots there the model there and guess what....wrong model number...they screwed up....and admitted it and thought it was a big joke....and the ah even told us to have a nice day......if rs decides to dump some of it's stores ,this should be the first to be's also way and the end of the mall where it should be no more rs shopping for me

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are you sure it wasn't an internet only item.

did you give them radio shacks sku number or the model of magnavox. If it was a rs sku did it start with 55. If so, it is internet only therefore not carried in stores.


Speaking of idiots, have you checked your grammar?


What? You are in the market for a VCR? Geez, it is 2012, man!

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