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I Bought the Enercell® 90-Watt AC Slim Power Supply with USB for my laptop, Pretty expensive, but it came with more than others. i THOUGHT it was going to be great, boy was i WRONG!! After i have owned it for about two months or so. one night, I was sitting on my couch, watching TV. I heard an electric buzzing shocking noise. Looked over, the Enercell Power Supply Adapter was ON FIRE!! and the funny thing was, the laptop was not even plugged into the power supply cord. The Battery pack was ON FIRE, smoking up the house. It was laying on the floor next to my couch, and it even caught the leather on FIRE and burned a HUGE hole in it. Smelled the house up for days! When i saw the fire, i OBVIOUSLY put it out with Water. What was i suppose to do, Stand there and watch it BURN the couch or possibly the rest of my house? NO! Well, after about a month of emailing back and forth with a radio shack safety specialist. I sent in the power supply adaptor back to radio shack, and they were having an outside engineer check it out. The conclusion was "we will respectfully DENY the claim that our product was at fault" So i read the attached report that the engineer found. And it said that it is

determined that the failure experienced was a result of significant moisture/liquid exposure (i.e. water emersion)

I OBVIOUSLY HAD TO PUT THE FIRE OUT WITH WATER!? I am NEVER going to buy anymore products from Enercell again, and ESPECIALLY NOT RADIO SHACK. I will tell all of my friends and family to do the same. NEVER again Radio Shack, NEVER AGAIN!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I dont buy this, had this person really put out an electrical fire with water she would have been shocked, you CANNOT put out an electrical fire with water.

Clifton, New Jersey, United States #883354

Just had my enercell 75W inverter plugged in the car, my wife though her e-brake was on because she smelled burning, next thing I know my enercell is smoking!! WTF RADIO SHACK!!!!


@ana, radio shack does indeed make enercell products


Funny I had the same thing happen mine was smoking and sparks flying and they told me this never happens I had i 5 months and I am 57 years old no kids and light use I will never buy again I went to circuit city cheaper and I hope to say better in 5 months :p


How exactly is this radioshacks fault?You said it WAS NOT plugged into the laptop, you should NOT have it plugged into the wall if your not charging your laptop as something little like metal, water, moisture can complete the circuit and cause the fire.

Radioshack sells the product but they do not make it.All that they can go off of is what you sent them, and it what they received was a water damaged cord, what else can they say?

to Ana #790131


What you wrote is complete nonsense! These power supplies should be ok while being plugged into the wall without laptop attached.


Electrical fire put out with fire? wow..

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