Never! The district managers have the worst management skills I have ever seen.

They have unrealistic goals for their empolyees. All they care about is selling phones. If you are doing a really good job but is not selling phones, you are going to get written up. If a store does not sell 30 contract phones the store is apparently doing a bad job.

Even if you work in a city where most people do not have good credit, the city I work in has a monopoly when it comes to phones, and it is a very small town and our store is not in a great location. Also, they came out with a list of people in our district they say are doing a bad job. More then half of the people in the district. More then half are going to get written up.

If they fire that many people, they are going to have so much fun paying for unemployment. And they really should not come out with a list.

If they have a problem, they need to talk to the employees in private.

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I've worked at Radio Shack on and off for ten years while going to school, left retail for a bit, didn't like the one job I had for 4 years and came back. On my second go around I was part time, quickly full time, ASM and then Manager all within a four month time period.

Now, has the policies changed over the years yes. But guess what that's any company. A job is a job and you are expected to perform. If you do not you will be fired.

It is not "unrealistic" its competitition. And honestly the dm's and rm's try to make it more of a game then anything. You get praise by the higher ups when you do well, and written up when you do poorly. Its a job requirement to sell.

It doesn't matter where you are located. Of course the mall stores and inner city stores will sell more due to higher volume, and the higher ups get that small stores that maybe get ten customers a day won't do that volume but you can certainly push out phones. It's simply asking the proper questions. I've worked in stores that see ten customers a day, the mid range stores that see 30-50 customers as well as mall stores that see 70 plus.

The weekly performance charts are to better your own scores not to sway you away or *** you off. If you feel they are unjust, then Radio Shack is just not for you, plain and simple.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #591280

Dude, I did 32 phones in December by myself, and where I am isn't that different from Rock Hill OR that far away (site location thingy says Charlotte, but I'm not actually in Meck county). And I'm PT. So if your whole store isn't doing 30 phones, you EARNED that writeup.

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