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Bought hearing aid batteries for reserve while on vacation. Did not use until 9 mo later.

Found two to be bad on my own. Took batteries to store and clerk found two more to be bad. Tried to return, but was very strongly informed it was over the thirty day limit. What is a customer todo?

Take them out of the package, remove the foil and have the clerk test them.

Complained to Radio Shack and was called by customer service. Iwas not able to take the call, but returned the call, and received no call back.

This may be areason the corporation is not doing as well as they might wish.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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It seriously took you NINE *** MONTHS open the package to find out if the batteries were good? You didn't even think to at least test a few first, then put them back?


Has nothing to do with why the corporation isn't doing well. Corp isn't doing well due to lack of demand.

As far as batteries, call manufacturer who made the battery, this is a manufacturing issue not a retailer concern.

Radio Shack, like many retailers has a return/exchange policy to adhere by. Theirs happens to be 30 days-opened or not.

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Or contact the manufacturer who made the battery. Radioshack has a 30 day return/exchange policy. After that it is a manufacturing defect problem and needs to go through the manufacturer.

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