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Radio Shack lies about cell phone insurance coverag

Company Radio Shack
Location San Antonio, Texas
Category Appliances and Electronics
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Gabriel from Radio Shack lied to me about the coverage on my cell phone protection plan.The phone was damaged so I called the insurance company.

They told me my plan did not cover accidental damage only mechanical issues. I called the Radio Shack complaint line and told them what happened. I received a call from Fred (district manager) telling me he could not do anything about it since I could not prove that Gabriel had lied to me.

Now I will need to pay Sprint $100 to repair the screen.Watch out for Radio Shack extended/protection plans, they are a rip off! 306ea00

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Feb 23  from Cambridge, Massachusetts
RadioShack Phone "Insurance Policy" does not cover much at all. Even when you have an issue that it "covers" you end up having to pay almost as much as it would cost for a new phone and you often have to send in your phone and be several days with no form of communication. Also, beware of the insurance charges if you cancel your phone. They may tell you that they will cancel charges if you are paying monthly but it is YOUR responsibility to call or they will just keep charging and you will not be reimbursed when you finally figure out that they are still taking money from your account.
All in all, they are a poor store to work with and you NEVER get your money's worth. I would find someone else!
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Jan 07 
They did the same thing to me in Asheville, North Carolina. Total ripoff.
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Sep 29, 2013  from Clarksville, Tennessee
They did the same thing to me. And I paid attention to the saleman and specifically asked about that kind of thing, and he told me I had coverage for lost/stolen but when I called to report my phone stolen they told me my plan did not cover that. a few months before this I called about a defect in the phone and they said I had to send the phone in along with a 100 dollar deposit just for them to even look at it and no telling how long that would be or take. So I was supposed to be without a phone for who knows when, when I could have walked in an ATT store and had one of their techs look at it for me same day. They lie by omission all to make a commission and its wrong and they should be stopped. I will never shop in radio shack again. Not to mention all the reps had attitudes like I was bothering them to do their job. Pathetic :sigh
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Aug 21, 2013 
I have a phone that they promised would be fixed in no more than 5 days, that was 3 weeks ago, they couldn't fix it, settled on a reimbursement, then it would take another 10 business days. They make promises they can not keep. So far 7 phone calls to try and get something done, one call was nearly two hours long. If you buy this warranty at so much a month, look to be without a phone for at least one full month and plan on making multiple phone calls if the phone was quit working for what ever reason. I would recommend Sprint's extended warranty, I have had no more than a two day wait there.
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May 09, 2013 
What exactly is the issue? My phone screen cracked but the phone is still functional. As for the employee lying how else are they going to make a sale. Never believe employees, especially radio shack punks, read the literature. Chalk this one up as a lesson learned. And NEVER buy the protection plan since you can replace the phone for less than the cost of the course of the protection plan.
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May 09, 2013 
Then understanding, and if you do not understand ask questions. That's what they, the rs sales associates are there for. It's easy.
THere are three options as a few have mentioned: Accidental and then there is normal wear/tear/ battery replacement.
Know what you are paying for. Be clear and consise with the sales people. They aren't lying.
I've bought many of things from RS, never an issue and always honored... even cell phones. And with that said, with cell phone purchases, the insurance is actually covered through assurant- there will be a deductable. That is so wehn you send phone back to be replaced with a new phone, this is covering packaging and insurance on the old phone for just in case moments like gettin lost via transportaion via mail carrier.
Therefore, open your *** ears and mouths people and learn the plan, then understand. NEVER leave stores until you do.
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Apr 27, 2013 
Let me help clear all of this up -

The company doesn't scam anyone. They've been in business for 70+ years for a reason. It's not their fault you didn't read the information provided.

There are three options for protection at RadioShack.

1. With accidental damage protection.

2. Without accidental damage protection.

3. Gift card replacement for cheap/low-end phones.

When the sales associate offers the plans to you - you actually have to listen to the offer. You have to read the brochure, and you have to take the time to understand what it covers. If you turn the associate down for coverage because you're stubborn and don't want to give them enough time to explain the process - it may be your fault.

A third party company runs the insurance plan - just like you have a third party company for your car insurance. Same process.

Don't kill the messenger - RadioShack sells the plan - the third party company runs the business.

And just like insurance, there is a deductible.


If you choose the cheaper of the insurance plans - you get what you pay for. If you opted out of Accidental Damage - declined the case and screen protector they offered to keep your phone safe - and didnt listen to the warnings the associates gave you at the store - you set yourself up for trouble.

IF you have the accidental
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Apr 21, 2013  from Athens, Ohio
Radio Shacks brochure says "get peace of mind to protect your phone from day 1 and accidental damage protection from drops, cracks and spills". Dropped mine in lunch box and it got wet. Called in and they first said it wasn't covered then they said it was but I needed to contact Samsung since I haven't had it for a year. Brochure seems to be false advertisement. Part about day one and all. Same ole song and dance. Samsung said I could send it in but they don't know the cost or if it can be repaired.
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Apr 20, 2013  from Edwardsville, Illinois
Glen Carbon, Il store stole money from me the same way. The Asst. Mgr named Eli wouldn't honor the plan. The salesperson, Christine, lied through her teeth.
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Mar 08, 2013  from Oxford, Mississippi
The associate flatly lied to me concerning the $39.99 2-yr wireless repair. He said specifically that "any accidental damage is covered...broken screen, water damage, anything...just bring it back in and they'd replace it".

Yeah, you know the drill...it was not true. His boss, whom I met last evening, gave me a copy of my receipt, his business card, and told me to call ZTE support for help.
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Jan 28, 2013  from Houston, Texas
Just filed a complaint today on RadioShacks Wireless repair plan. I too was lied to, a very small crack on the screen, which has nothing to do with it not working, and paying into the plan for 10 months only to be told the same BS..."Accidental" damage not covered!
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Jan 09, 2013  from Media, Pennsylvania
RADIO SHACK SALES PEOPLE ARE TRAINED TO LIE! & SALE YOU B.S that is good for nothing when you need it....

Do NOT trust Radio Shack with protection plans. They took $31.79 from me and when my phone battery failed after 5 months of use they refused to honor the plan. I dropped my phone but it worked fine for almost 5 weeks with a small crack on the screen, then the battery failed with phone working only if kept on charger at all times! So I went to store and just to hear them tell me that the *** plan they sold me would not cover it because of the physical damages. The more I told them that screen was not an issue, and all I needed was a new battery then more I heard the their "B.S" stories how then will not do anything. Its only $31.79 "all right" yet know we know how they claim their millions in profits every year... GO AMERICA GO keep on stealing, keep up with GREED go-on, lets see how far we go with it all! Once upon a time we were all Proud to be an American are we still?
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Jan 07, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
I was sold a protection plan by Radio Shack and now I called the 800 number given to me by Radio Shack to find out R.S. can not even sell me the Plan they charged me for 3 months ago! I'm on the phone with them now and they don't understand it either. The R.S. guy said it's the same plan sold by Iphone! On hold!
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Dec 12, 2012 
They lied to me as well. I was sold a $35 insurance plan and I thought it was a good idea since my cell phone was $300. I dropped it and now being told it doesnt cover anything inside the phone. Only cosmetic repairs.
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Nov 01, 2012 
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Sep 20, 2012 
$150.00 dollar phone keeps going dead during calls. Radio Shack sent phone back for a gift card, told me 5 to 6 business days, sent phone in Sept 5th, today is the 20th, and radio shack hasn't done anything yet.They tell me they should know Sept 24th, and then they will send me my gift card. This is a runaround.
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Aug 01, 2012 
Yo tengo 4 telefonos a segurado y por cualquier dano quieren 100 dolares si el costo de la reparacion es mas de 250 tienes q pagar lo de mas a parte de los primeros 100 dolare no se dejen can selen cualquier seguro *** esta *** pania no los dejemos
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Jun 30, 2012 
Radio Shack lied to us. Told us insurance policy for 2 years would cover accidental damage and that the phone doesn't have to be sent back, they'll send a card for cost paid for the phone. phone was $60, plus another $20 for insurance. virgin mobile. less than a year ago. now they're telling us it's all not true. on the phone the asm said she was covered when he looked up info in the computer, then we went into the store (for our convenience on way home following up) and the asm tells us no not covered because of water damage. says it covers accident but not if we tell them over the phone it was water damage. just continuously telling us lies. they contradict each other and the asm contradicted himself before we even left the store. this is irritating. their insurance policy has changed he tells us, i'm still researching.
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Jun 24, 2012 

You're full of BS and you know it. When you talked to Sprint, you were told that their TEP plan would cover mechanical failures of the phone. Asurion is the company who covers damaged devices, and there is ALWAYS a deductible for each damaged phone. Be grateful for the fact that Asurion exists, because without it, you'd be stuck paying retail for a new phone. Used to work for Sprint and LOVED dealing with whiny people like you!!!
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